***PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! This is a limited time only deal! Jump on the opportunity to get a high quality "EXCLUSIVE custom track made just how you like it for only $200. So think BIIGGG! Any style of music you are looking for. Once you make your purchase, you'll be contacted via Telephone by our producer "Mystro Mike" within the hour of your purchase, to go over the details of what type of beat you want and how you want it to sound. So make sure immediately after your purchace you send an email with your name, number, and photo of your purchace. LET'S WORK!!! For general questions please use the Contact Us page below. **Please look at the NON-NEGOTIABLE FEES located on the bottom of this page before booking and/or sending an inquiry** Thank You.

  • Category: Business
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours


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Comes with WAV file and Track Outs 

By purchasing this WAV file with Track Outs you are agreeing to the following usage terms: 

*permitted for music recordings 

*Shoot unlimited videos 

*ability to monetize your music. 50% of all proceeds must be distributed to the producer "Mystro Mike" (iamstudio144@gmail.com) 

*unlimited audio streams on all streaming platforms 

*radio broadcasting rights, unlimited stations 

*unlimited distribution of cd copies 

*Paid live performances 

*Once this purchase is made, this track will Exclusively be available for YOU ONLY! ANY USE OUTSIDE OF THE AFOREMENTIONED USES WILL RESULT IN LEGAL ACTION INCLUDING FINES OF UP TO $5,000